Partners the No.1 board game has arrived from Denmark.


Looking for a great family game?

A strategic board and cards game combined? 

Look no further.

What is Partners?

Partners is family time, strategy and cooperation

Partners is an unpredictable Danish fun board and card game combined.

Deceptively easy to play, however, the team with the best cooperative and tactical skills will most likely win.

For 4 players, 45-minute playing time. Great Entertaining, teamwork and strategical game for family and friends. Play as a team, win as a team – having your partner’s back. Ideal for Game Nights

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JBL Partners is a highly focused distributor company on providing the best possible board game experience with the mission of getting people to socialise in a fun and creative way without using their smart phones.

We exclusively market and distribute the best board game called “Partners” in UK/Ireland and France.

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