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Partners the No.1 board game has arrived from Denmark. Looking for a great family game? A strategic board and cards game combined? 

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JBL Partners is a highly focused distributor company on providing the best possible board game experience with the mission of getting people to socialise in a fun and creative way without using their smart phones. We exclusively market and distribute the best board game called “Partners” in UK/Ireland and France.

What is Partners?

Partners is family time, strategy and cooperation


 Partners is designed as a combined board and card game. 

It is a tactical, strategical and entertaining game that can be very addictive. 

The object of the game is to move one’s pawns from home to the target area. 

You team up with another player. 

Partners trade one card at the beginning of each round. 

The pawns are moved in a clockwise direction along the board according to the value of the cards.  

Once one partner reaches the end of his game, he/she  remains in the game to assist his/her partner and from this point on, uses the cards dealt to help the partner.  

Therefore, it is important that the partners work together throughout the game as the team with the best cooperative and tactical skills will most likely win.


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