Partners Board Game

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Partners is deceptively easy to play, however, the team with the best cooperative and tactical skills will most likely win.


Partners is a cross and circle game for four players, working together in teams.  Whilst the moves are decided by cards (not by dice throws), unlike any others, the cards are played from a hand of four cards.  Among the cards available are cards that move pawns backwards, and cards that allow swapping any two pawns that are in play, including enemy pawns.  The object is for each team to get their total of 8 pawns lined up in the goal area. The obvious way is to move the pawns around the board, buy e.g. using a card to move a pawn backwards enables some shortcuts.  With Partners, cards cannot be used to move the partner’s pawns, except in the endplay, but the partners swap one card after each deal, without knowing each other’s hands.

3 reviews for Partners Board Game

  1. chris

    this game is an amazing and strategic game that the whole family can enjoy but beware as if your opponent loses, they may be grumpy for a while ^^

  2. Felina Vaugirard

    I don’t usually like game boards but this one is different. You get into it really fast; it’s very addictive and fun to play. I came across it in Denmark; they all seem to be playing the game over there. Bought it on Amazon last week to introduce it to my friends who just love to win! For once I’ll get the advantage, I hope.

  3. Owen

    Great game guys, I play this one with the family a lot and no game is like the last. Loads of strategy. Love it!

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